Juda Engelmayer Media Mentions


Bulldog Reporter --> pdf

New York Observer

Observer 2

The Daily Meal --> pdf

The York Daily Record --> pdf

The Voice Magazine  --> pdf

ECSI - Edgar Filing --> pdf

New Yorker Magazine --> pdf

The Baltimore Sun --> pdf

The Chicago Tribune

The Downtown Express --> pdf

Downtown Two --> pdf

Proneuron Biotech

Christianity Today

New York Times --> pdf

Times Two --> pdf

Times Three --> pdf

Times Four --> 1 pdf

Times Five --> pdf

Times Six --> pdf

Times Seven --> pdf

Israel21 --> pdf

New York Post

Jewish Chronicle

Baltimore Jewish Times  --> pdf

Racked NY --> pdf

Juda Engelmayer on CBS talking about Lance Armstromg

Juda Engelmayer on Huffington Post Live discussing re-branding the GOP

Juda Engelmayer on the Rolling Stone Magazine Cover with the Boston Bomber


Entrepreneur --> pdf

Loho10002 --> pdf


The Bergen Record --> pdf

The Southhampton Press --> pdf

The Kansas Star --> pdf

United Kingdom Newswire

PRNews --> pdf


The Cutting Edge News in Cochlear Implants

The Cutting Edge News on an American Murder Spree 

Media Really Matters on the Fogel family in Israel --> pdf

The Jewish Star - Gingrich'Unkosher Call --> pdf

The Long Island Jewish World --> pdf


The Jewish Week at an Eagle's Wings rally at the U.N.

Ethics Daily

Voices of New York


The New York Times story on client, Michael D. Brown, the former Undersecretary for Homeland Security

pdf of article; just the snapshot; pdf of the snapshot



Throwing a bone to my father - his new book, available on Amazon.com

His blog is a tribute to the Jewish thought leader and Rabbi who the Talmud usually sided against, often yielding to Hillel.  BetShammai.com is my father's blog

Source: amazon.com via Juda on Pinterest


Juda Engelmayer with Edwin Black on his book, Financing the Flames


Juda Engelmayer on IBC with Edwin Black at AIPAC Policy Conference 2013